Care and Cleaning

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Breaking In Your Leathers

Our work is made to last and settle. We use unique construction methods due to our scrap-based nature and our pieces are not what you normally see around. We focus on comfort, practicality, and longevity – especially pieces made for long journeys. The leather and fabric pieces – like hoods, neck warmers, jackets, belts, and holster cuffs – will get more relaxed as they are lived in and really take on your energy. Have patience and practice good care and cleaning! Here’s a tip: actively manipulate the leather by pulling, twisting and shaping it until it listens to you and starts to stay. You can train it!

Cleaning And Keeping Fresh 

Care and Cleaning Tips: What do you do when you cannot just throw it in the washing machine? This comes up with our design style quite often. Here are solutions that are time tested and true. Wisdom through the ages and good practice for the Earth.

Add on some RP Dragon Mist Spray or make your own using alcohol, mineral water and essential oils.

The freezer over night is very rock and roll roadie style. Put your garment in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer over night. I personally have not tried it but many roadie wisdom carriers have told me it is their practice for cleaning our work, and I am passing it on to you!

The dryer is kinda like the freezer. Put your item in a pillowcase (tie it closed, so things don’t tangle or knot) and let it tumble on a sanitizing setting.

Spot wash with a cloth and spit and then soap! Freshen up, turn it inside out and leave all day in the sunshine. Hand washing with care and dish soap is one of my favorite ways to kill bacteria and sweat.

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