Mission Statement

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Our mission is to invoke passion and sensual expression. To invoke the discovery of our unique internal layers of personal power, self-acceptance, authentic essence, and the divine creation of our soulful diversity. 

Our mission is to align with the like-hearted. Share our finer arts in an honest and accessible way. The mythology of our own hearts journeys, constantly learning from the reflections of our personal truth, and hearts sameness among all of the individual rainbows of connection. The authentic joy of the spectrum.  

Our mission is to use the production of the past into a transformed and contemporary future. A collection of time magic, handmade soul magic, and time-traveling destinies, layering our worlds into a dynamic and diligent future of freedom, protection, and appreciation. 

Our mission is to show the beauty and power of individual essence and the tranquil, centered, and gentle power of the soul. The ability we all are born with to love and survive. 

Our mission is to be a part of a culture with a common global goal. To stop the overproduction of our resources, stop forced labor, stop the expanding demise of our Earth into the global industrial landscape and suffering world cultures. We seek to destroy these unjust powers and all that align with them. We invoke a prayer with every piece that the roads end when the doors of evil open. We pray that solutions greater than we could ever imagine replace these practices with equity, newness, healing, nourishment, ease, and efficiency. 

Our mission is to become increasingly successful, inspirational, and supported exponentially by those who see and know the value of what we can collectively accomplish as humans. To collectively transform the roots of a disposable culture to that of connection, healing, and balance. To build, serve, and support those who are oppressed. To give another chance to those who need it, and to support and provide sanctuary to those seeking peace. 

Our mission is to be an organization that is collectively proud of our creative work and nourished by our community and customers. That we make an exchange and involve our hearts in matters of awareness and love. 

Each Collection is Created in Depth of Intention, to bring the journey of creation along the road of manifestation, the alignment of souls, resources, and time. 

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