Thigh High Organic Cotton Socks


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The epitome of sexy socks! These new hand-dyed socks have quickly become a customer favorite with their unique marbled color and comfortable material! Wear them up high as intended with a skirt or down low with boots or regular shoes. Each of our socks comes out as one of a kind because we hand-dye them, even though they are all dyed in the same color batch!

You too can have the perfect, cozy, lifelong partnership with these organic cotton, thigh-high, hand-dyed socks!! Super long and very warm, can easily be worn around the house with a robe and undies for a perfectly sensual snuggle time

  • Dyed Blue / Green Color
  • Organic Cotton
  • Made in America

Composition: Organic Cotton

Washing Instructions: Wash in Cold. Tumble Low, or Hang to Dry.

Size: One Size (Thigh High)


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