Apocalyptic Wool Pants


These classy-feeling pants create a timeless essence while still remaining unique and one of a kind.
 From the front, these pants give off a business casual feeling with the Straight Leg Pant & Its Leather Striped Siding; THEN when you turn around, you’ll be living in your post apocalyptic FANTASY!
Sport these with a tailored coat for a chic feel or with a t shirt for a more elevated, streetwear look.
** These Pants are made of WOOL **
Size: Medium (32)
Waist: 32”
Length: 41”
  • Upcycled Cargo Pockets
  • Double Capped Rivets
  • Antique Brass Industrial Snaps
  • OOAK

Composition: Various Cotton Denim and Canvas Blends

Washing Instructions: Wash on cold and tumble dry low

Size: Medium - Large

  • Waist: 32”
  • Length: 41”


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