RP Reconstructed Harness


Vintage Fox Fur Armored Magic Beast Harness


The magicians at Royal Peasantry bring fairytales into fashion, biding their time until the perfect material presents itself; in this case, a vintage fox fur collar, in perfect condition, begins a story of strength and luxury, timeless fantasy, rugged elegance. Hand-dyed and sculpted leather scraps cut precisely, following the shoulders with armor-like protection, create a dramatic silhouette.

Vintage brass intaglios add balance; delicate chains impart lightweight geometry that compliments the body.

The back of this piece is just as elegantly finished, and sturdy leather straps allow for personalized adjustment. Heirlooms become heirlooms; dreams become physical, matter and form into bold statement and wearable folklore.


Neckline: 12 in

Length: 16 in

Neck Ties: 45 in

Back: 13 in

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Weight 1 lbs