Black Ouroboros Shirt (Small)

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Upcycled & reimagined, this black Ouroboros Shirt is one in many of our series of upcycled dyed & printed tops. Creating this series is one of the many ways we help keep so much waste from going to the landfill. We cut, print, and dye to transform a mountain of would-be garbage into an abundance of style.

Recycled & saved from various locations, we reclaim many tops, shirts, and blouses. We help reimagine them for another day while still keeping them true to the iconic Royal Peasantry Style.

** This black Ouroboros Shirt features a custom-designed transformation and protection snake, lotus, and Ouroboros RP sigil, screen printed by Lightning Bolt Ink**


  • Slim Fit
  • Screen Printed
  • Custom Double Snake Sigil Design

Size: Small


Shoulders: 16.5 in.

Bust: 26″

Waist: 26″

Length: 19.5″ – 21″

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