Black Paisley Crop Top



We are here for affordable upcycled wardrobe essentials! We hunt to find quality pieces by the pound that have content variation and are worthy of upcycling – lots of natural fibers. Upcycled and simple these pieces are part of our effort in keeping upcycled clothing affordable and out of the trash.

Sometimes we hand stud the pieces ourselves here in Asheville to give them a little more value and love. Some of these pieces we add a lace trim around the bottom to make them taper in and hug like a crop top.

Use these upcycled separates as a blending wardrobe piece for your daily outfits.

  • Black Paisley Upcycled Top
  • Stretch Lace Bottom

Composition: Base top, Stretch Lace Bottom

Washing Instructions: Wash in Cold. Hang Dry.

Size: Medium - Large


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