She-Wolf Bridal Corseted Bustle Skirt (Size S/M)

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Bridal Corseted Bustle Skirt with black leather corset and white draped skirts

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One of Royal Peasantry’s most exquisite Bustle Skirts.

Made of all reclaimed materials and detailed with antique brass and silver hardware, this stunning Corseted Bustle Skirt can be worn over an array of outfits, from a wedding gown to a pair of leggings. You bring the imagination and the base that you want to be brought to a fantastical level, and let this Bustle Skirt do the rest.

This Corseted Bustle Skirt is fastened with two sets of leather belts, allowing for easy adjustability when layering over other skirts, gowns, or leggings.



Size: Small – Medium



Waist/Bodice Width: 29 in.- 33 in.

Bodice Length: 8.5 in.

Skirt Length: 32 in.


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