RP Reconstructed Harness


Captured Lover Black Leather Clip Harness

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Reimagining ancient things: we dip into the pools of our ancestral memory not only for inspiration, but because we tire of the impersonal nature of fast fashion. Each and every wearer of our work is unique, touched by the same magic that we hold dear. Our hands speak our visions of devotion to you.

This leather harness is easy to wear, lightweight, and perfect for layering. With a bold ring as its focus, it invites movement with delicate vintage chains and rivets, and rib-like spans of beautifully aged leather following the lines of the body. Adjustable buckle enclosure.


Model Measurement –
Length: 8 in.
Neckline: 13.5 in. – 16 in.
Side Strap: 18.5 in.

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Weight .5 lbs