Cerulean Slate Cowl Scarf


Winter-Tone Layered Asymmetric Cowl Scarf

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Cute, cozy, and noteworthy; this unique cowl-style scarf is handcrafted by master RP designers with upcycled materials for warmth and aesthetic appeal. An asymmetric, layered, multi-color design allows this piece to match with a wide variety of winter-tone outfits, and a comfortably loose-fitting collar permits for extended or strenuous wear. This scarf will make an excellent addition to any cold weather wardrobe.


  • Asymmetric Layered Multicolor Design
  • Ribbed Collar
  • Multi Fiber Content

Size: One Size

Measurements: Collar Length: 7 in. | Kerchief Length: 15 in. | Kechief: 17 in.

Washing Instructions: Wash With The Rest.

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