Charmed Leather Fringed Neckpiece

Layered Leather Neck Scarf


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Our handmade leather neckpieces are one of our signature styles, made to protect against Mother Nature’s powerful elements as well as keeping not so pure jewelry metals from absorbing into your skin. We use rivets, strong stitches, upcycled leathers, and found treasures to create one of our favorite styles. Enhance any formal dress, casual streetwear, business suit, or as a wild adorned fetish centerpiece with less dress. Sometimes can be worn tied around belt loops or waist for other looks. Extra fabric ties to be creative with or just an extra tie around the neck!

  • 3 layers of hand cut fringe
  • Woven fabric detail and extra tie
  • Fabric ties to be creative

Composition: Upcycled Leather, Rivets, Bling

Washing Instructions: Spot Wash

Size: One size fits all

  • 20 inches neck width
  • 14 inches center height
  • 13 inch ties on both sides
Fit Details:

Woven Fabric and Leather Neckpiece