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Black Bamboo Fleece Leather NeckWarmer

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This limited-edition collection of lightweight black leather and black bamboo fleece kerchief veils is our grounded and creative response to the long-lasting protective measures of our global community. It feels like we will be wearing these for months to come and we wanted to offer a comfortable, well fit, stylish, and long-lasting mask for our people. The important thing is to keep it on, feel like yourself behind it, and breathe!

This wrap-around style makes it easy to keep on the body and quick to cover the face. In the cooler weather, it will keep you warm. Two snaps keep the cover close to the face. By mixing the snaps you can make it loose-fitting when the mask feature is not in use. We made soft and comfy bamboo ties that tie around the head to keep the mask up over the nose. There is not much stress on the ears as the double snap over is tightly fit to the measurements below- the materials have a stretch to keep it in place and the loops keep it straight. The bridge of the nose has extra leather that can mold to your face as you wear it. Bend and shape to fit This batch of masks is breathable, comfortable, and protective. There is not a pouch for a filter. Leather is a durable and cleanable surface.

Measurement –
Width Top: 17.5 in.
Width Bottom: 19.5 in.
Length (Top of nose down to longest point): 11.5 in.

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