Crescent Moon Medallion Neck Piece




Treasure of the raven, gifts from the crow, magic woven into something tangible and physical brings dreams into waking life and rouses the spirit from its mundane sleep. Power is transferred from our hands, through our craft, to you, the wearer, the activator of the piece.

The Crescent Moon Medallion Neck Piece is one-of-a-kind and conscientiously made from collected vintage treasure and repurposed leather and cloth. The comfortable collar is set with antiqued rivets and a single ring. Rhinestone-inlaid rosettes of bright gunmetal draw the eye to the center of this piece’s power, and behind, the iconic symbol of the goddess in the moon.

Antiqued rivets, scrapped leather, and cloth fringe continue the eye’s journey, finished with jet black feathers. Easy to wear; ties at the back of the neck. A personal relic, a power piece, everyday wardrobe protection, empowerment, or private ritual fetish, if this piece is yours, it is yours. One of a Kind.



Neckline Length: 10 in.

Neckline Width: 1 in.

Length: 15 in.

Ties:  43 in.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs