Crossbody Leather Utility Harness Bag


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Easy to wear and practical to use, our crossbody holster keeps your hands free and prepared.  our adjustable straps make it so that you can style the pouch to be on your hip or under your bust. Adjustability makes it easy to wear with higher or lower style lines. Our Hunters Pouch Crossbody Holsters are made for anyone who needs some extra straps and pouches integrated into their wardrobe. Travel hands-free while carrying all your essentials. Our roomy and secure double snapped pockets are big enough for your phone, wallet, penknife, magic stones, etc. 

  • Adjustable straps with antique brass buckles
  • Slide on more pouches, tools, and sheaths.
  • One size fits most - Send us a message if you're unsure

Composition: Post Manufactured Scrap Leather , Brass buckle, double capped rivets

Washing Instructions: Spot Wash

Size: One size fits most- Can be sized to fit

  • Cross Body Length: 36 in. - 44 in.
  • Cross Body Length: 36 in. - 44 in.
  • Pocket: 4.5 in. X 6.25 in. X 1 in.
Fit Details:

Adjust the straps to fit how you like. You can wear the chest strap over either shoulder depending on how you like it.


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