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Black Crow’s Wing Shapeshifter Cloak

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If you wander alone in the forest, tell all to beware: your hood is not red, and you are not afraid.

The Crows Wings Cloak is comfortable in subtlety, bold leather, bright rivets, and the gentle touch of poly/nylon woven fabric that suits layering over additional leather pieces, ritual attire, daily wardrobe, or over a minimal look with a bikini and boots. Androgynous and practical this cloak is for any being with totems of the blackbird magic and memories.

The hood is edged with leather, so it keeps its shape and form around your face. Your arms are free and movement enabled, shoulders, neck, and head, in cover.  The cloak fastens sturdily across the collar with leather ties and the hem of the cloak sweeps gently up from low to higher in the back with a rough-edged hem.

Measurement –
Length: 20 in.
Width: 28 in.
Hood Length: 17 in.
Hood Width: 12 in.

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