Deep Earth Black Hooded Cloak


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The hooded cloak is one of the most timeless pieces of clothing ever to exist! This coarsely woven material is an 80% rustic cotton/poly blend and pays homage to an era long forgotten. The hood lining is a vintage upholstery fabric and has a beautiful pattern.

Once upon a time, a cloak wasn’t a costume piece; it was a practical clothing item that was used by everyone around the world. Ankle to floor length in its design (Depending on your height), this cloak shrouds the whole body when secured with the leather ties in front. An attached hood adds another dash of practicality to covert you from mother nature’s elements.

You can tie the leather pieces in the back, underneath the arms, if you don’t want to expose the leather ties.

  • Attached Hood
  • Floor Length Fabric
  • Inner Gold Patterned Fabric
  • Lace Trim

Washing Instructions: Hand wash with cold water and lay flat.

Size: One size fits all

  • 48 in.


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