Dragon Mist ReFresh Spray 8oz *


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Formulated to be uplifting, protective, and self-forgiving, this handmade small-batch Royal Peasantry clothing and body spray is aromatherapy with a kick! Made with all of our favorite essential oils that we have been using to clean the shop for over 8 years. We have blended together with our favorite potent oils with some distilled water and alcohol to be an effective germ killer and atmospheric mood enhancer. Fluff the bed and disinfect, clean the counters and door handles. Great on many home surfaces, inside of shoes, inside of the leather jacket, and other un-submergible items that need to be freshened up! Keep yourself and the things you love layered in cleanliness, protection, and plant magic.

The essential oils will remain in the bottle long after the water is gone. We used about 3/4 fl.oz of oils in each bottle! Fill up with portions of 2 oz alcohol 10 oz distilled or spring water. This can be done several times, you can also add your own favorite essential oils to strengthen your scents. This collection of aromas is a great place to start a new non-toxic self-cleaning ritual. Leave yourself and the things you value in a place of deep and dedicated care. Each bottle comes with an amber glass spray bottle to transfer and dilution.

Dragons blood, Fir, Oakmoss, Peru Balsam, secret scent 1 and secret scent 2, Ritual Rose wash, Peppermint, Distilled water, isopropyl rubbing alcohol, blended to create a sensual and fresh environment. Turn the page a few times a day for maximum relaxation and ease.

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