RP Reconstructed Harness


Dragon Weaver Harness – Centered Power


Bright and silvery stainless steel against antique, aged bronze, a moonrise against a once stormy sea, this Dragon Weaver Harness speaks of reclamation of personal power, emotions used to inspire, the smoothing out of rough waters and navigating with a clear vision in mind.

Follows the lines of the body and ties in the back for comfort and adjustability; fits bust 28-40 – sizing included in the price if needed.

Our harnesses create a novel accessory: something that becomes a part of you, and which brings together a bold, vibrant look no matter what you layer it over. These pieces become not only a rich and visually dramatic statement, but a gift to one’s senses, protective yet sensual, grace intermingled with conscience. Scrap leather patiently found and gathered, dyed and crafted with purpose, set with vintage treasures and crafted to empower the wearer.

Measurement –
Side Strap (Top of Neckline to bottom of the Side Strap): 18 in.
Neckline: 10 in.
Length: 10 in.
Ties: 32 in.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs