Dreamtime Raven Black Fantasy Coat * #2




Dreamtime Ravens, Underwater Messages, Full Moons, Lovers, Poisonous Flowers, hear our song of devotion.

Classic and elegant, this knee-length, mildly tattered, and true-romantic black Victorian coat makes an impressive and practical addition to your wardrobe or costume, or maybe both?

The Dreamtime Raven Coat is a medium weight wardrobe piece, made for layering with other garments. It has layers of sculpting waistline materials, ties for cinching, sizing, and shaping – and we will also size it for you, included in the price. Contact us HERE and let us know your size so we can shape the waist for you; before we ship it!! Perfecting the style lines of the waist is very important for this look. We want you to feel the mysterious, sensual, Victorian elegance this coat was born for.

Lovingly crafted from cotton knit and layers of patterns of upcycled black lace, silks, and nylon blends. Embroidered, sheer, and lined, the Dreamtime Ravens Coat has the most enduring and proper mystical Victorian elegance to it. Black, bamboo fleece hood.

The front of the jacket is sturdy and creates a leather chest piece, framing the bosom, and staying strong, clasps are leather and ties or snaps, the back ties to fit various shapes the structure and accents of this vintage streetwise look.

Perfect for protecting the body from the elements and looking magical. Weighted to work best in-between seasons but not the bitter cold.


Bust: 34 in.

Waist: 32 in.

Sleeve: 24.5 in.

Length (Front): 41 in.

Length (Back): 53 in.

Shoulder: 18 in. / 36 in.


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Weight 2 lbs