Matte Black RP Thigh Holster




Keep it all together and have easy access, sounds cheesy but it doesn’t have to be, this sensual style maneuver keeps it classy. This sturdy matte black one pocket hip belt is constructed with lifetime besties in mind. Perfect for any occasion; travel excursions, or for your daily wardrobe, this belt is practical for its “hands-free” storage capability. This Thigh Bag Belt’s pocket wraps around the leg and buckles, giving it a classic, familiar utility look. The pocket closes securely using a brass snap; The snaps are new and become easier to snap close and open with use. This belt can hang loose on the hips gunslinger style, or can be buckled tightened up if you desire.

If you wish to break in the leather pocket faster, stuff the pocket with a hot, damp towel or cloth, and shape until you get the desired look. Our hip belts are perfect for cosplay, costuming, live-action-role-play as well. We can size belts for free, so let us know your size and measurements and we will accommodate you.

All of our leather products are made of post manufactured scrap from furniture companies, shoe companies, and purse companies. We get some really interesting and various colors and styles, finishes, and qualities of leathers to use in our creations. Every batch is limited and one of a kind.

Size: Med – Lrg


Belt:  35 in. – 40 in.

Pocket Width: 5 in.

Pocket Length: 10 in.

Pocket Depth: 2 in.

Leg Buckle: 18 in. – 22 in.