Enchanted Catalyst Leather Fringe Neckpiece




The heart chakra, also known as Anahata, houses our emotional experience of the world. It is child-like, brimming with enthusiastic potential, and like a child, must be protected. Recognizing both the innocence and beauty of your emotional journey, as well as the need for boundaries, strength, and shields, is vital to one’s self.

The Enchanted Catalyst Neckpiece becomes not only a rich and visually dramatic statement piece but a gift to one’s senses, protective yet sensual, grace intermingled with a conscience. Scrap leather patiently found and gathered, dyed and crafted with purpose, set with star-like vintage rivets and flowing fringe.

Timeless vintage ring mail and silver-toned discs adorn the collar; scarlet tones from forsaken material add dimension and texture.

Become the knight, the champion of your own heart. Your life is the journey.

Measurement –
Neckline Length: 12 in.
Length (Top to bottom of Fringe): 22 in.
Ties: 42 in.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs