Fantasy Faerie Robe


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On the hunt for something mystical, romantic, and wild? It’s not always easy to find a garment that is all three, but we’ve got you covered! Our Faerie Robes are wispy and flowing outerwear garments that will make any outfit covered in faerie magic. Glamorous and comfortable, these romantic robes are made to be luxurious wardrobe staples. These long robes work wonderfully over little outfits or jeans and boots. Endless styling options!

Our fantasy robes are made from layers of nylon slips, curtain sheers, vintage nightgowns, and upcycled materials ranging in a timeline variety of material content. if it glows to us we use it, quality both visually and practically are our goals. Our faerie dresses are charmed and are as adjustable as we can make them, giving them a long lifespan and sharing capabilities.

  • Sunset Hand Dyed Colors
  • Floor Length Robe Style
  • Cincher Ties in Back
  • Lightweight

Size: Small - Medium

  • Bust: 32 in.
  • Waist: 28 in.
  • Sleeve: 22 in.
  • Length: 57 in.