RP Reconstructed Harness


Black Leather and Chains Luxury Harness


Loyalty can be considered an organic thing; a seed is planted, and like vines in the sacred, primordial forests around the world, grows into a bond as strong as steel. We can be loyal to ourselves and to those we love in equal measure.

At Royal Peasantry, we express our loyalty with our hands and with our vision. Woven, reclaimed chain, vintage trinkets and amulets, coins and rivets, buckles, and rich leather merge and emerge to tell a story of dragon-ancient ferocity and fire.

Our harnesses create a novel accessory: something that becomes a part of you, and which brings together a bold, vibrant look no matter what you layer it over. Take good care, hang when not wearing and treat with the respect of handmade luxury.

Measurement –
Length: 12 in.
Strap (Top of strap to Pocket): 18 in.
Neck Width: 11 in.
Ties: 38.5 in.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs