Black Leather Lighter Whip


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While there’s much to be said about objects we collect simply for their beauty, beautiful objects that also serve a practical purpose appeal to our resilience and sense of adventure. Boldly minimal, timeless and expertly wrought, the Fire Keeper Lighter Whip adorns the hip with movement and high quality leather craft, while also providing a subtle means of carrying a small necessity—hidden, in plain sight, the best camouflage.

This handmade, leather lighter whip is the perfect practical addition to just about anyone’s life. We have made this collection of lighter simple, cooper rivets, a leather loop, and oil tanned medium weight leather scrap.

This leather lighter case slides on a belt or clips to a carabiner or through a chain or leather braid worn around the neck – so you never have to worry about losing a lighter again.

SIZE: Fits a BIC lighter, essential oil bottles, and specific lipstick tubes.

Model Measurement –
Length: 19 in.
Pocket Length: 3.5 in.
Fringe Length: 13 in.
Snap tab: 2 in.

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Weight .25 lbs