Gentle Power Black Leather and Bead Neck Cowl *




Gathered, Given, and Gone-  I beaded this strand on a drive to Hilton Head NC where my partner was attending a CEU workshop about 5?6?years ago. This rare occasion where I was a passenger gave me time to sit and sitting gets me restless, at first. With idle hands when I am co-pilot, I create. Creation relaxes me and then I rest. Sometimes I intend items to be for myself and with this intention I go. This strand of copper, glass, smokey quartz, bone, turquoise, and shell beads was done by my hand and heart. They are beads collected from donations, thrift finds, and gifted personal pieces that didn’t work out. I used a coated bead wire.

This brings me to the red beaded, cowry shell piece on the upper neck. This piece was a gift a few years back from a group of travelers selling their families jewelry from their tribal collective in South America. We traded money for beautiful coconut jewelry and they gifted me this necklace for doing business. I love how it looks like a spine, I love the red, the craftship is perfection.

Being me, my body destroys anything with strings or sinews. Backing all of my beadwork with leather is how I have worn pieces since I figured it our around 19. Using my new-found technology (haha) I also backed all of my cheap jewelry this way so my neck wouldn’t turn green and my body wouldn’t absorb toxic coatings, cheap alloy, and who knows what else. Leather protects the beadwork and my neck.  This piece is made with the softest black deer hide leather that my friend River sent me from Colorado, is lined with black bamboo fleece, and has some shearling buffalo accents.

The swift visit to Hilton Head was intense- painful dream walking with ancestors, Stephen healing wounds from when I was 17 – kinks in my dural tube – deep spinal healing- releasing pain I had woken up with every day for 20 years- resetting for a few hours with mild but strange convulsions. This was a great journey- spine magic healing- kismet fortunes and leaving the sand dollars where they live.

Measurement –
Length: 12 in.
Width (Top Snap): 24 in.
Width (Bottom Snap): 28 in.

MATERIALS: Colorado Deer Hide, Buffalo Fur, a series of prayers beads including and not limited to, smoky quartz, turquoise, bone, cowry shells, brass, copper, pyrite, glass, bamboo fleece and protection.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Do not submerge, spot clean only. Scent with essential oils to preserve the magic.



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Weight .5 lbs