Bolero Sweater Shrug


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The over-bust sweater is a four-season classic. Worn like a shrug to keep the shoulders, neck, and arms warm, and to let the rest of the body out to do the work, whether it be dancing or walking the pup.  Our cropped overbust sweater will soon become a steady go-to for warmth and comfort. This reconstructed sweater is cut and sewn from hand-selected pre-worn garments creating a unique look that can’t be repeated.

Sweaters are one of creation’s best inventions and with your help, we have vowed to keep as many as we can from reaching the landfill. We use all kinds of materials and take care of them in their special way. We love to cheer them up and get them ready for their next life. Please read the washing instructions because each sweater is different. Sweater care is an essential part of a good-looking, long-lasting, and fresh sweater love life. Over-washing can be prevented by sunbathing, spot washing, and using RP Dragon Mist spray on your sweater.

Composition: Cotton/Acrylic Blend

Washing Instructions: Wash on cold and tumble dry low

Size: One size fits most


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