Studded Vest



We are here for affordable upcycled wardrobe essentials! From blazers to jeans, vests, tops, shorts, dresses, skirts, or whatever else is in those giant bins! We hunt to find quality pieces by the pound clothing that has a content varying and worthy of upcycling- lots of natural fibers. Upcycled and simple these pieces are part of our effort in keeping upcycled clothing affordable and out of the trash.

Sometimes we hand stud the pieces ourselves here in Asheville to give them a little more value and love. The price will reflect the time it took to stud and dye the piece, also a variation. Our dye process is mindful and non-toxic, we use low impact stains and dyes a unique blend at times is helpful with upcycling the unique blends of fabrics we source. 

 DIY HOT TIP- Instead of throwing your whites away from stains use a laundry dye! – 

  • Hand Dyed Vest
  • Antiqued Studs
  • Can Add Ties In Back For Shaping Upon Request

Composition: Upcycled Vest, Antiqued Studs

Washing Instructions: Wash in Cold. Hang Dry.

Size: Medium - Large

  • Bust: 42 in.
  • Waist: 38 in.
  • Length: 22


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