Olive Drab Organic Cotton Athena Minxi Skirt (Sm / Med)


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Sexy, soft, and sturdy, this elegant skirt is your new favorite wardrobe staple! Simple and mythic, this 100% organic cotton skirt is an easy take on crisp, feminine,  leisurely comfort. Wash and dry with all the rest and no pilling!! This unique-fitting skirt has no waistband so it will drape effortlessly over most body types. It also can be worn as an asymmetrical or A-line skirt depending on how you turn it. Wear it as a cape or pull it up to be a strapless top,  it’s comfortable elegance at its best! Our in-shop customers are very inspired by its soft and opaque attributes. Made for simple and elegant beings everywhere who love comfort,  like to move, love slow fashion. Hand-dyed with non-toxic low impact stains and dyes. 

  • Versatile Styling
  • Light Weight Comfort
  • Perfect for Dance or Flow Performance

Composition: 100% Cotton

Washing Instructions: Wash on cold and dry with all the rest.

Size: Small - Medium

Fit Details:

The stretch is about 3 inches, so if you are 0- 3 inches bigger than the skirt measurement you will fit! This measurement can be your waist or hips depending on how high you plan to wear your skirt.

After a few wearing a few times if your skirt starts to get loose. give it a wash and a dry and it will tighten right back up!


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