Autumn Flowers Ritual Crown



The materials themselves constantly inspire unique pieces like these. Often, they are exceptional items, and we revere them highly and make special higher-end items with the intention of ritual use. We do not seek to work with animal parts, but as dedicated upcyclers we take our donations seriously. We love when folks send us meaningful items they cannot bear to give away into the ethers.

We were gifted with a box of deer antlers from one of our fabulous customers this past fall, and our team created this series of unique deer antler crowns for every seasonal celebration; this one is the Autumn Deer Antler Crown.  

We know you will be dancing and moving in your magic crown! This piece has various details, painted beads and sticks, faux flowers, soft crimson fringe, wild leather fringes, fabric tassels and tatters, and strong ties to keep it steady. Our crowns are sturdy, balanced, and comfortable to wear, engineered over the years to be all of these things by our team of skilled creators.



Size: One size fits all


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