Indigo Slate Athena Dress (Size Xsm/Sm)

$165.00 $132.00

The Athena Dress has been individually handmade for 13 years by Daniella, all slinky bamboo drapery and full of variations, limited numbers, and of course, difficult to sell online- but now! We have partnered with a local cut and sew studio!! This makes the Athena dress more affordable, appropriately sized, and fits perfectly! Watching the self-love created by this dynamic wardrobe-changing, long-lasting, and sexy capsule piece is why we do what we do, triple goddess confidence in all shapes and all sizes.   

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Feeling and watching the self-love created by this dynamic wardrobe-changing, long-lasting, and sexy capsule piece is why we do what we do, Triple Goddess confidence in all shapes and all sizes. We celebrate 13 years of our signature Athena Dress!

The ultra-soft bamboo/spandex/jersey blend is highly durable and easy to handle. Each color story is hand dyed by Daniella at her home studio. Each color collection is limited and variable. The dress you receive will have the same colors as the image shown in this listing. The dresses in this collection were all part of the same dye batch. 

Triple Goddess  Magick! – A versatile and sensual wardrobe favorite, made for the casual and elegant femme. This dress has many ways to be worn in this classic, ancient goddess drape style. You can get creative and check out the link on our Instagram. @royalpeasantry Send us a photo to post if you come up with a new way to wear it! Or have any questions!  Check out our Instagram for videos on how to wear all different ways and expand your wardrobe!

How to fit yourself on Athena? What size is for you? Shopping online can be challenging, especially with something like the Athena dress. After 15 years, we have finally come up with the best measurements for everybody, and remember! This material is a four-way stretch so you can expect 3-5 inches of expandability!

Length             Neck      Waist        Armhole (halter style)

Extra small     45″                  22.5″           28″-32″               40″

Small.                45″                 27.5″           34″-38″                 40″

Med/Lrg.          45″                 35.5″           38″-43″                 40″

Large/XL –  currently in the pattern-making stage! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for custom.

How to take care of your Athena Dress:  This Bamboo Jersey dress is easy to take care of! Machine wash in the cold with like colors, and tumble dry on medium heat for longevity! Like all four-way stretch knits, Do Not Iron this material; PLEASE STEAM. You will ruin it if you place the iron directly on the fabric- you can use a towel in between if you desire. We recommend hanging it up while you shower and letting the steam do all the work!


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