Leather Body Harness/ Personal Power Piece


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Imagine yourself! Leather, chains, and charms create our expression of a one-of-a-kind personal power piece; the ritual leather harnesses are made for adornment and movement, not rough stuff, made for admiration and energetic embodiment, and long-awaited visual fantasies come true.

Spicy leather straps & chains hang effortlessly under your arms while leather collar ties tie in the back to secure.

Can be worn as a daily protection talisman with street style attire or on ritual occasions, and is at its best-worn solo and sensual as soul adornment for intimate creativity. So many ways to play and energies to invoke. We desire to create a spectrum of adornment for fresh feelings and archetypes rising in our culture today. Our individual essence expresses our divine sparkle in the darkness.

  • Recycled Leather
  • Chain & Beadwork
  • Metal Medallion
  • Adjustable Tie Neckline

Washing Instructions: Spot Wash

Size: One Size

  • Collar Length: 6in.
  • Collar Width: 13
  • Tie Length: 17
  • Loop Length: 22


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