Leather Body Chest Harness (One size)


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This is for the being who needs complete Heart protection. This harness is created from vital, thick leather, upcycled elements, double-capped rivets, and sincere love and a prayer for your safety. Magically speaking, this talisman is worn to protect the Heart, internally & externally, from forces in our physical realm and forces in other dimensions. This piece is meant to ground its wearer with its weight and fierce armor feel.

It can be worn as a daily protection talisman with street-style attire or on ritual occasions. If you get tired of having it around your neck, you can tie it around your waist, or onto belt loops for a side leg adornment. It is at its best-worn solo and sensual as soul adornment for intimate creativity: so many ways to play and energies to invoke. We desire to create a spectrum of ornament for fresh feelings and archetypes rising in our culture today. Our individual essence expresses our divine sparkle in the darkness.

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