Black Moon Athena Dress


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A versatile and sensual wardrobe favorite, made for the casual and elegant femme. In this classic, old-world style, each dress is made with slight variations in size, length, and vertical shape, as each is cut and draped individually. This unique dress is made from an organic cotton jersey. It has no four-way stretch and is thicker and more natural to the touch. The blend is exceptionally durable and easy to handle. Watching the self-love created by this dynamic, wardrobe-changing, long-lasting, and sexy capsule piece is why we do what we do, all shapes and all sizes.

** This piece features a leather fringe and a leather moon emblem. Hand wash and restretch the leather fringe to straighten it if damp.

  • Low Impact Dyes
  • Handmade by us in Asheville, NC

Washing Instructions: Spot wash by hand (Because of the leather)

Size: Small / Medium


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