Athena Belt – Satin and Chain (One size)

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Often the most simple accessories are the most useful! This is our Athena Belt, a medium-weight and flexible shape to accentuate your waistline and keep your styles in place! Made out of post-manufactured leather scraps, we cut and create to conserve the literal tons of leather scraps of the world. This Upcycled Leather Cincher is a simple accessory for many wardrobe pieces. We use various leather with various textures, and each batch is one of a kind. 


LOVE !!? Delicate Chains and charms?! Swooping chain details and leather ties, a shiny machine blue satin backdrop supported by upcycled leather backing, this cincher is a simple accessory for many wardrobe pieces. This cincher ties in back to shape & accentuate your curves and provides extra elegance to your silhouette. 


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