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Black Bamboo Rayon Mermaid Skirt

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Comfort and flow, learning to breathe with the body instead of containing and correcting it, finds beauty in a slow fashion. Soft bamboo rayon/lycra in the deepest of black hues drapes a chic silhouette for all bodies. Dances and transforms from a long and sensual mermaid skirted look to a casual bunched-up pair of Fisherman’s pants. Pairs beautifully with any of our leather accessories.

Provocative, luscious, and flattering in all directions; these multi dimensional mermaid harem pants are perfect for sustainable wardrobe, performance, and ritual self-adornment. Made for multi -goddess frame and to accent the hips and booty, these bamboo harem pants fit a size range. The four-way stretch bamboo/rayon blend is completely opaque and very durable, it stays in place and stretches fully. Sensual and beautiful this shapely fishtail skirt/pants set is one way to show off what the goddess has blessed within you!

Notes: These harem pants can also be worn high waisted, pulled up to the underbust for another styled look. When styled in the jumper way, they become shorted and pull up to the bust, for a more playful look. They look great with cropped tops or decorative bras. Wash on cold, dry with all the rest

Measurement –
Waist: 26 in.
Length: 43 in.
Inseam: 12.5 in.
Rise: 34 in.
Length (Rolled Down): 31.1 in.

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