RP Reconstructed Body Adornment


Midnight Scorpion Body Adornment


Tough and feminine – sensual and worthy of one’s own adventure series, this one of a kind creation is the kind of work we love to do the most. It takes time, unique materials, exotic vision, and comfortable practicality, we certainly want you to be able to move and keep everything in place while doing whatever you want!

Constructed on a form to ensure comfortable curves and appropriate useful ties. The leather cups would fit about up a C cup, the length of the ties can be any adjusted to any size. The buckle measures up to a 38-inch bust. If you would like a custom piece in a similar style and essence, send us a message. We only make one of a kind, we do not replicate, but we can certainly make similar in style.

There are obvious layers of armor that we could make to go with this piece, or maybe you have pieces waiting in your arsenal. Where wild abandon with skin, thong, and boots – or wear it over a full-body leather catsuit strapped with all your battle gear.

Crafted from layers of sewn and riveted, medium weight scrap leather in hues of antiqued brown and black, vintage fur collar, steel chain and ring; ties in the back for comfort and adjustability.

SIZE: Medium / Large
(Can fit bust 32 – 38. Can be sized and fitted.)

Measurement –
Length: 47 in.
Bust: 34 in.
Fringe: 31 in.
Buckled Trap: 27 in. – 35.5 in.
Middle Ties: 19 in.
Lower Ties: 24 in.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs