RP Reconstructed Holster


MoonWalker Holster with Costume Rubies and Chains


Daring and confidently bold, adorned with lush, blood-red vintage jewels and rose-hued chains, this Moonwalker Holster ends in wickedly chic upturned, sculpted leather shoulder guards.

One of our signature creations, the leather holster is a functional and stylish solution to having to carry all of your mobile devices, money, and ID…without lugging a purse, or have bulging pants pockets.

Perfect for your modern-day needs at work or daily wanderings. Our leather is high-end upholstery grade leather, scrapped from post-manufacture production from a local furniture manufacturer. Our products are handcrafted daily in our design house in Asheville, North Carolina.

Each bag features two snap-close pockets, one on each side of the body, with a utility key ring on the front right strap. Pockets measure 4” x 6.5” and are capable of comfortably housing a variety of small necessities, phone, wallets, passports, business cards, small tech, oils, tokens, lighters, penknives, charms.

A detachable chest piece can be used as a choker. The rear features a connecting 2-inch ring in the center back.

Size: Medium

Chest: 32 in. – 40 in.


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Weight 1 lbs