Black Leather Breast Plate

Nourished Heart Leather Armored Chest Plate



We protect the heart because that is where our spirit is housed. From our chest, our centers, and cores, all energy flows—and is also received. Self-protection is an important part of living free in the world; shields are not only for warriors, they are for every dreaming heart that has been wounded. We take these principles and put them into our craft, forging pieces that honor the wearer and keeper.

The Nourished Heart Armor Chest Plate performs another important task—adornment. Our hearts are beautiful, dark, bright, relentless; so does this Chest Plate frame and remind, carefully crafted of vintage leather, a stars’ pattern of rivets, a bold and symbolic circular ring from which hangs delicate straps. Wind over water at midnight, waves beneath the moon, this one-of-a-kind piece hugs the body while protecting it.


Neck – 12.5 with a tie to close

Waist 26-30

Bust 24-32

Length 18.5


  • Rivets, eyelets and rings
  • Medium weight leather
  • Buckles to adjust

Composition: Upcycled Leather, Rivets, Rings

Washing Instructions: Sun Bathe, Essential Oil Spray, Spot Wash

Size: Small

  • Neck - 12.5 with a tie to close
  • Waist 26-30
  • Bust 24-32
  • Length 18.5


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