Black Patchwork Leather Cincher – Made to Order


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We honor the body, as all bodies exist in beauty. Cleverly captured, once-discarded scraps breathed into new life by artful hands. Sewn into avian patterns, black and bold. Cinched in the front with sturdy leather cord and adorned at the back with solid steel upcycled rings.

The Nyx Leather cincher brings fantasy into daily life, a one-of-a-kind transformative piece to treasure for years to come. Leather is flexible and sturdy, medium weight and heavy-duty stitched.

Gorgeous and dramatic yet quietly minimal, this piece imparts the aesthetic of a trained waist while maintaining comfort and ease for the body.


Length (Front): 5 in.

Length (Sides): 9 in.

Width: 28 in. – 38 in.



Made to Order –

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Weight .5 lbs