Personal Demons T-Shirt


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Empower and Protect. For the days when you need to hear it most- the days you need to fight and make it all about you.  “Personal Demons Don’t Give A F**ck About YOU ” is a quote from my personal journal/sketchbook in the year 1999. When learning to silkscreen in 2003 I unearthed this memory while looking for ideas to print. This one was a studio favorite so I went with it and created the poison puffer creature to be the messenger.

Our shirts are upcycled, cut, and shaped to look cute, dyed to look fresh, and then printed with one of our ancient silkscreens from way back in 2004-2006. We use non-toxic water-based ink.

There are variations to each shirt we make, from fiber content to weave we use anything that feels good and is worthy of new life, which is just about everything! Most everything is made from some blend of cotton and polyester blend. If we know for sure something is something we will tell you, otherwise- its a blend in some proportion. 

Composition: cotton/poly blended fibers, non toxic laundry stain, non toxic fabric ink

Washing Instructions: Wash on cold and tumble dry low

Size: Medium


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