Viper Vixen Leather Chest Plate


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When you have to show up and be the absolute Queen of the event, we are here to serve you!  This one-size-fits-all, leather stunner is both Iconic and visually potent!  This high fantasy design is balanced and comfortable while giving an imaginative and royal otherworldly essence. An oversized umbrella collar lays flat until your feeling spicy, then its ability to stand up on its own by wire inserts. So many embellishments went into this piece, such as Metal Stars, Antique Studs, Metal Hoops & More!

This piece has ties on the bodice and wraps around easily to tie in their back. Wear this piece for your next performance or for anything that calls for a shocking fashion piece.

  • Recycled Leather
  • Umbrella Collar
  • Chain & Beadwork
  • Stained Leather
  • Adjustable Tie

Washing Instructions: Spot Wash

Size: One Size


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