Black Leather Hood


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Our freestanding leather and fleece hoods are made to wear forever and in all seasons, night always comes, 365. Over time our leather accessories soften and integrate into the most worn neckpiece in your collection. Made with soft, malleable, and matte black leather this hood won’t take long to relax.  With black fleece bamboo as a liner gives it the high-quality finish it deserves. Sewn with heavy-duty thread, Kree our leatherman takes pride in his quality construction. One simple snap over closure in the front makes this piece contemporary and androgynous. Break it in – fold it back, crush it up, make it stand on your shoulders as a neckpiece to protect your neck. This version of the Leather Cobra Hood does not have a face mask snap over.

Why Cobra Vibes? We need more of their magic in our daily lives, dreams, more natural boundary protection, spiritual protection, and more psychic energy. Cobras are powerful and ancient souls with a deeply human and spiritual connection. I have only encountered these magnificent and fierce beasts in the Dreamtime, and I do not feel excluded from knowing their power and soulful communication. Cobras are very sensitive to their surrounding, and you have to be very careful around them to keep yourself safe,  therefore they call us to pay attention in order to protect ourselves setting boundaries between life and death. They are symbols of eternity, sliding along with infinity tracking, leaving talismans in the sand for eternity. You do not have to be an attacking cobra, you can be a quiet cobra, setting boundaries with the confidence of poison in your nature. Quietly waiting for the moment to flee peacefully.

The space between the human and the Cobra, the relationship and its psychic potential, the mysterious and deadly.  Born under this totem are people who do not give up – not on their goals, their people, or their dreams. Though these folks are hard to get to know, or close to doesn’t mean they are mean or going to kill you.

Measurement –
Length: 18 in.
Curve (Top of hood down to bottom): 25 in.
Width: 23.5 in.
Face Cover: L= 12 in. X W= 10 in.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs