Red Desert Dragon Queen Leather Necklace


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Envision glowing red sands, the aging sun, and dusk dust creating the beads of a handcrafted Heart. This fringe neck choker emboldens the essence of a distant timeline.  Tattered and wild, this piece is energetically charged by the ritual you wear, daily protection, ritual performance, sensual excursions, and whatever your imagination creates; solid and sturdy, it will be there.

This neck adornment has many upcycled and collaged features, an antiqued costume jewel centerpiece along with a beaded neckline, & a center emblem. Eight-inch tattered fabric & leather fringe hang beautifully across the top of your chest, providing protection to your heart chakra. Leather ties wrap around the back to secure it.

 We use rivets, strong stitches, upcycled leathers, and found treasures to create one of our favorite styles. Enhance any formal dress, casual streetwear, business suit, or as a wild-adorned fetish centerpiece with less dress. 


  • Red & Black Leather Fringe
  • Antique Studs
  • Red Tattered Fabric
  • Adjustable Tie Neckline

Washing Instructions: Spot Wash

Size: One Size

  • Collar Length: 10 in.
  • Collar Width: 1.5 in.
  • Fringe Length: 12 in.
  • Tie Length: 15 in.


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