Rose and Grey Hooded Fantasy Coat



Our fantasy coats are the perfect layer to encompass and a cover style all. For any occasion, our fantasy coats will be fantastical, billowing, and comfortable. Our fantasy coats can be worn layered as a housecoat with lingerie and thigh-high socks or with formal ritual attire. Looks great on the street with a tank and jeans, or layered with skirts and sweaters, a delicious flavor is all its own. This style is made for the romantic Victorian mythology lover in all of us, with cinched waists, layers of bustled skirts, and cozy hoods, making these wardrobe pieces both elegant and timeless.

  • Bamboo Fleece Hood
  • Lace Trim
  • Sheer Train w/ Embroidery
  • Upcycled Blazer
  • Antiqued Studs

Composition: Sheer w/ Embroidery / Upcycled Blazer / Bamboo Fleece / Embroidered Lace

Washing Instructions: Spot Wash by Hand. Hang Dry.

Size: Large - X Large

  • Bust: 42 in.
  • Waist: 40 in.
  • Front Length: 24 in.
  • Back Length: 50 in.
  • Sleeve: 23.5 in.


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