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RP Charm and Treasure Party Pants – Raspberry Fluff


15% OFF Everything: Cyber Weekend

These size four stretch jeans are a perfect hip-hugging fit for a small frame. Hand-dyed raspberry and hand-stitched coins, chains, faux fur, and charms make for a festive and sexy outfit. Right away, these pants feel like a powerful party when you put them on! RP signature Charm and Treasure Party Pants are a tribute to the nature of preservation, accumulations, and time travel. We collect from thrift, antique, vintage, post manufactured scrap, and donations—then, we pile on the treasure, findings, charms, and embroidery. 

I started to create from my findings, surroundings, and donations when I was in middle school. I have always woven these gifts together, making them more of my inspiration. I transform and push boundaries, protecting people’s work and adding to its value and survival.

  • Upcycled Cargo Pockets
  • Double Capped Rivets
  • Antique Brass Industrial Snaps
  • OOAK

Composition: Various Cotton Denim and Canvas Belnds

Washing Instructions: Wash on cold and tumble dry low

Size: Small / 4

  • Length: 31 in.
  • Waist: 28 in.
Fit Details:

Can be worn tight or oversized- it is all about your style. The layering makes them a bit hot and heavy, wear a belt.


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