RP Reconstructed Black Bird Mask

Black Feathered Raven Mask


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The handmade costume is the most magical, and I don’t care what you say – you cannot change my mind. As humans, we desire to change our form, and shapeshift and disguises are as sold as the fires they adorn. This leather blackbird mask is a great disguise for celebrations and rituals. Beneath this beautifully hand-crafted Plague Doctor Mask is a comfortable, breathable cotton face mask.



  • Soft cotton Liner
  • Black and gold trim detail
  • Iridescent rooster feather
  • Antique rivets
  • Leather ties

Composition: Upcycled leather, rooster feather, rivets, stretch cotton

Washing Instructions: Sun Bathe, Essential Oil Spray, Spot Wash - do not submerge

Size: One size fits all

  • Mask Length: 10 in.
  • Mask Width: 4 in.
  • Beak Length: 3 in.


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