RP Reconstructed Halter


Black Patchwork Apron style Halter Top

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This backless patchwork halter is lovingly crafted from a variety of tough upcycled textures, creating a playful pairing of black cotton canvas and types of denim.  A-line and apron-like style lines are flattering and humble. A belt buckle is reimagined as practical decoration, transforming this piece into something both old and new. Worn on its own, or layered over a dress, this RP Halter will sustain years of style. Using every scrap is one of our favorite ways to create: the results are always satisfying, and we always love a good industrial, drab patchwork.

  • Small
  • Reconstructed Heavyweight Patchwork
  • Lined for comfort
  • Braided Bamboo Ties (waist and neck)
  • Buckle and Fringe Adornment
  • Handmade in Asheville NC USA
  • Handwash and Hang Dry

Measurement: Bust: 26 in.
Waist: 30 in.