RP Patchwork Halter Top


Backless Pinstripe Patchwork Apron Halter

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A unique silhouette, and a one-of-a-kind piece that will add strength and industrial chic to your wardrobe. We use our fabric right down to the precious scraps; this lovingly crafted halter top was built with precision from material leftover from our RP Treasure Pants: medium to heavyweight cotton, cotton blend, microfiber, and weathered, vintage denim.

Set with vintage silvertone rivets for sparks of interest and a dramatic vintage found-treasure circlet, hung with soft, black leather fringe, as well as a generous pocket to hold necessities, this backless halter top ties in the back to fit your form beautifully. Cropped and cowl-necked, to be worn with an exposed midriff or layered for warmth and texture.

  • Small
  • Reconstructed Heavyweight Patchwork
  • Lined for comfort
  • Braided Bamboo Ties (waist and neck)
  • Buckle and Fringe Adornment
  • Handmade in Asheville NC USA
  • Handwash and Hang Dry

Easy to wash on cold and hang dry.

Measurement: Bust: 26 in.
Waist: 40 in.
Length: 24 in.