RP Reconstructed Leather Cuff


Black Leather Cuff w/ Copper Hardware & Brass Insignia


Handcrafted with ethically sourced post-manufacture leather, our wrist cuffs are a great base accessory for any daily wardrobe outfit. Being Simple in design, these cuffs can be paired with a formal look just as well as they can be with a streetstyle attire.

Strapping and timeless, the classic coupling of the elegant copper & brass rivets, in combination with the brass insignia, give off ancient energies of power and wisdom. Durable brass snaps close the wrist cuff tightly and firmly.


  • Recycled Black Leather
  • Brass Hardware
  • BrassĀ  Insignia
  • Brass Snap to Close
  • To Clean: Spot wash, lay flat to dry.
  • Constructed in Asheville, NC