RP Reconstructed Leather Jacket


A Soft black Leather Fitten Coat with a Detachable Lunar Centerpiece


We find some of the most fantastic leather jackets out in the thrift and consignment world, but they are usually there for a reason. Being a leather jacket owner for years, one thing I truly know is warmth, protection, and proper fit is the satisfying formula. In our design studio, we try to address as many issues as we find with the fit first and for most.  Length of sleeves, underarm bulk, bulky in the back, shoulders fit but the front doesn’t close…… so many ways good leather can be given up on. One leather jacket at a time, we are creating a better fit and more satisfying world. We do custom if you have a jacket you love but need creative solutions to make it work. 

This one of a kind black leather is classy and sleek gratitude for the moon. I personally love the sliver of the crescent moon as much as I love it when she is full. As a design element, it brings balance and a sense of nesting to me. We love the crescent moon design, and if your into it, this leather is a special gift. If you need help with sizing and fit- send a message with your purchase!


  • Small/Med
  • Supple Finish Leather Jacket
  • Detachable Lunar Crescent Centerpiece
  • Upcycled leather and bamboo fleece accents.
  • A cincher in the back to size waistline.
  • Spot wash by hand. Hang dry. Use sun and RP Dragon Mist to disinfect.



Shoulders: 37″

Sleeve: 23.5″

Waist: 20″ – 27″

Length: 22″ – 28.5″